Linger with Me.
I AM the Life within you, the Light of your soul.

Your very thought of Me
is My Presence
pressing upon your heart.

Rest assured that you and I are one.

I AM your Life.

Turn to Me,
I AM with you always
this moment eternally.

Yoke your gaze to Mine and see yourself in, then through My Eyes.

Come close.

Closer still.
I’ve given My Life for you.
I long to share My Heart with you as well.

Will you Linger?
Will you stay longer than a glance,
more than a sip?

Am I your treasure, too?
Then listen and believe Me.
I’ve given you my Word.

Believe Me when I tell you
I am yours
and you are Truly Mine.

And, when the world taps your shoulder to take you for a spin,
will you stay with me longer than you “should”?

You belong in My arms open wide.
I do not want to just come into your heart,

I want your heart joined with Mine.
I gave My Life so we could be One together
Abide with Me, abide in Me as One.

I see your fears.
Lean in to Me, come close
into My perfect Love
Fear can’t survive in My Embrace.

I see the wounds.
I feel the pain.
We were there together, you and Me as One.

When the world strips you down bare and exposed,
I’ll wrap My Robe of Righteousness around you
and bring you home.

Dwell in My Shelter.

Close your eyes.
When I whisper of all the Treasure I’ve placed within you, can you feel My Breath?
Let impossibility leave and Faith arise.

Wrap My Ribs with your arms,
while I’m holding you closer still.
Place your head on My Chest and receive My Love.

I with you
, you with Me
in Covenant
as ONE

Now you will see as I do, you will Love as I AM.
Do not remove My Robe. Do not let your gaze leave Mine.

When you go, Linger still.
I am as close as your breath.

Respond. Remain Longer Still.

Within you is where I dwell.
I’m never far.

Always near.

I love you with an Everlasting Inseparable Love.
You are
Mine truly.

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