Christ is my Sanctification

My Sanctification

Dancing upward rise these flames.
Heavenly pursuit for those gone lame.

Glory not my own, You’ve shared with me,
The hope for all eternity.

You, Jesus, are all I need.
Oh, Christ. You’re my sanctification, indeed!

I lay myself at your feet….

All not of You burns away in great vigor,
I’ll not step away, I will not flicker,

But, go deeper still.
Turn me into a light on a hill.

I’ll never settle for this litt’l light of mine,
It’s your glorious, magnificent Light that shines.

The more I release,
the bondage does cease!

I cry, “Consume me, Lord!”
You whisper, “Oh no, my Love, I’ve come to restore.”

I lay it all down. All at Your feet.

Let me dance! Let me sing!
My all! My all! My all for my King!

Now, Lord breathe and stoke the flame,
Then, I’ll testify why I’ve not been the same.

And, when my words do not deliver,
I’ll draw on Your presence eternally hither.

You in me, the Hope of glory!

His truly, Ashlynn

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