Here’s what I really mean when I say, “Oh, God, I need You!” -and it changes everything.

Oh, God, for me to say “I need You” is true – but must only be spoken with the understanding that I’m not begging you to come near.

I’m only recognizing my desperation for my own heart to turn from every single other lifeless lover, every distraction – to believe that responding to the whisper of my name from any source but You will not satisfy me. Never.

“I need You.”

You have already poured Your fullness into my heart.

You’ve demonstrated Your passionate desire to have me close in life-union with You, and You have carried Your passion to fulfillment: I am in You and You in me.

Now, I find myself in You.

Nev’r again do I reach outward for any satisfaction, not even for You.

I turn inward toward the very depths of who I am- where You have made Your home.

My deepest groanings for you are met with your depths of love. The deeper I dig within the depths of the soil of my soul, You’re already there- waiting for me.

No matter the depths uncovered, you flood me with Your Love. Deep calls to deep- and this is where we meet.

When I confess in desperation that “I need You” I am declaring that I humble myself to be yielded to Your extravagant fullness within me.

You meet me. You have made me in the secret place and now, I am the secret place You love to dwell.

When I confess I need You and draw inwardly – You do not begin to respond to me.
No, You are eternally faithful. It is that I am now responding to all that You already are.

Is this deep groaning to make myself complete by finding myself in You, the same that drove You to lay Yourself to be slain while you reconciled us to Yourself in eternal covenant?

Am I tasting of the Love that You gave me first?
How many times have you offered me the entirety of Your fullness and I walk away “full” from just a wayward glance? Oh, God, expand my capacity to steward You well!

Saying “I need You” is confessing I am most aware of my original design and can only be found in You- in Your likeness. in Your image, to be found and discovered fully in Your Love.

You have placed Your Love within my heart.

Yes, I need you.

So, I dig my roots even deeper into the  foundation you established at the core of my being, I ground myself deeply within the vibrant Truth of Your Love within me.

I abide in Your Love. I abide in Your Love.

And, I realize that the soil of my heart has become the perfect garden for the fruits of our life-union to grow, flourish and nourish my soul so that I can live in and from Your abundance.

Your all for me & all of me for You.

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