Experiencing God S’more Summer Camp

This Live Summercamp Experience was in July 2020. 
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Christ Camper Testimonials:

When we become a Christian we are translated from Darkness to the Kingdom of Light. 

We see that Jesus is the complete answer and rest like a babe tucked in His promise that He has you completely . In young Love, you’re running alongside your Good Shephard in His green pastures. 

But, overtime, certain monuments started appearing. 
  •  A monument to pain you’ve experienced,
  • another to your hope being deferred,
  • and others to the shame you feel for not living up to the Christian you know you’re supposed to be . 
God is still Light. He’s still shining. But, these life experiences begin casting shadows and because you Love Jesus with all your heart, you don’t want to grow lukewarm.
So, you read your bible more. You join Bible studies. You volunteer.
And, yet, there is still a disconnect in the back of your mind:
“Didn’t Jesus say He came to bring Abundant Life? This isn’t abundant, I’m struggling and I’m about to break.” 
You go to church each Sunday looking for that shot in the arm that will help you to get over the hump for the week…

Hi! I’m Ashlynn.
And, these are the Loves of my life.

Looking around you, Christianity doesnt seem much diff’rent for anyone else, so you subtly decide that your hopes were a little to high for what life as a Christian Woman would be like…
The most sincere and devoted Christians often become stale and lose that glimmer in their eye for their first Love, and even lose sight of Him completely. But, often still go through the motions.
But, THIS should not be the norm. This is not Maturing Love.
I’m NOT saying it was for a lack of trying on your part.
In fact, I know you’ve been devoted, that’s why you’re even on this page considering doing a Summer Camp to Experience God S’more.
Maturing Love is about deepening the roots that first anchored you while walking in freedom from sin, freed by Truth.
I almost turned my back from God in 2011. I was discouraged at the disconnect between the Scriptures and my life experiences.
Instead, I decided to finally become a believing believer. I needed to learn to anchor myself in the fullness of the gospel, not just float upon the waves of life’s circumstances.
This summer camp is my attempt to steward well the growth and consistency of my relationship with God BY sharing with you some of the key mindsets that began my transformation.

If you come:

    • Expect to have a good time. I’d love for us to humble ourselves as little girls and stand before our Father together fully expectant that His Kingdom of Righteousness, Peace and Joy will be revealed.
    • This group will be a common ground for many women of different cultural, denominational & experiential backgrounds. I encourage heartful conversation & interaction. But, this is not a place to debate theology. We will come together on the common ground of JESUS CHRIST as the cornerstone and essential for salvation.

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By Submitting your email address, you are giving permission for me,  Ashlynn@Histruly.com, to send you emails and updates.
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